There’s no shortage of China travel sites out there. But I’ve always found them too be too boring and sterile. Instead, I want to give an uncensored look into modern China, warts and all.

Is China safe to travel? Will anyone speak English? Am I getting ripped off? What kind of meat is that exactly? Yeah, I know it’s easy for first-time travelers to feel a bit freaked out by it all. And that’s why I started this site — to give you practical tips for staying safe and making the most out of your trip.

Can any other country offer travelers as much in a single visit? From the Great Wall to the mist-covered Yellow Mountains to the mystical allure of Tibet, China’s got it all. History and culture? Check. You like Chinese food? Fuggetaboutit!

Every day is a new adventure in the Middle Kingdom.  Like a feast of dim sum, China serves up a tasty smorgasbord of jaw-dropping destinations, rich history, and unique experiences….leaving you both deeply satisfied and hungry for more (an hour later perhaps).

Thanks for visiting!

— China Mike

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